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How to attach custom heads. Easy!

How to attach custom heads. Easy!

In this video you can see how to attach custom Von Burke Studios heads to an assortment of action figures! 

Mythic Conversations Ep: 13

Jeremy Girard hooks Von Burke Studios up with a big plug in this episode of Mythic Conversations.

There are many goodies in this show and if you want to jump right to the Von Burke Studios part, go to 08:20 in the show. Huge THANK YOU to Mr. Girard!

Mythic Conversations Ep: 15

We are honored that Von Burke Studios gets some big time love yet again in this awesome episode of Mythic Conversations!

We can all learn so much from this master of customs! Jump to 44:04 in the video to see the Von Burke Studios goodness! We appreciate you Jeremy!

Krampus Full Body Reveal

Come take a look at the Von Burke Studios full body revelal of Gruss Vom Krampus. This custom was a wicked result of using many parts of the Mythic Legions action figure line. It was a thoughtful process that made this head sculpt come to life!

Powerful Man Reveal

Behind every POWERFUL voice is a POWERFUL head! Introducing a new head sculpt by Von Burke Studios. Meet POWERFUL Man!

This head sculpt is a tribute to the amazing and extremely talented Alberto Arribas from Triple A Toys.

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