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We at Von Burke Studios are passionate toy lovers and toys are our life! We wish to spread this enthusiasm to you through our INSANE designs and extremely high quality products.

Each piece is made with the artist in mind. Every scratch, divot, bump, texture and shape was carefully created to allow for your greatest artistic freedom and imagination.

This is why Von Burke Studios was created. To produce a new path of creative expression and to expand your love of toys.

Thank you!

Brian (Von) Burke


von burke studios

brian burke

Hello. Thank you for taking time and getting to know me.

My earliest commercial design memories goes back to middle school where friends would pay me to draw on army and denim jackets. My skulls and punk band logos seem to be a hit and pretty much validated my passion for design. Later in high school I moved to drawing on blank skateboards and grip tape using Sharpies. These I sold to a local San Diego skate shop where they did quite well. I learned a lot during this time and it propelled me into the exciting world of commercial design. 


Fast forward past many years of graphic design and photography and we arrive at Von Burke Studios. A staying place where my creative energy calls home. I'm extremely passionate about my craft as a toy maker and about the relationships I build within the toy community. The presentation of my product is very important to me and serves as a 'thank you' to those of you who spend hard earned money for my creations.

Thank you for everything! I mean that. I appreciate each and every one of you. You made this happen for me.

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