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This high level abomination is the absolute elite of the Mortem armies! Nearly invincible and quicker than a blink, these Mortem Champions are second to nothing. No one, or no thing has ever singlehandedly bested a Mortem Champion. Stories have been told of Mortem assaults where The Mortem Champions devastated entire armies all by themselves.

The Mortem Champions (UNPAINTED) 1/12 Scale

  • This head features a universal socket that will fit most action figures of its scale. Simply use a BB sized amount of blue Fun-Tak on the neck peg and you're ready to pose in any dramatic way you wish!



    Even though this piece was created using the strongest material available, its still somewhat fragile and should be handled with care.

    Also, we do our best during the post processing of each beautiful piece so if you notices any extra bumps, divots or light scratches, simply lightly sand with high grit sandpaper. These imperfections will disappear once primered and painted. Thank you!

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