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How this INSANE Journey Began

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello and welcome to the Von Burke Studios Universe!

Soon was Overwhelmed

A short time ago I opened up sales for my first three custom head sculpts. I anticipated initially to sell maybe 20 or so pieces but soon was overwhelmed with hundreds of requests! I was staggered by the support and excitement over what I had created! Honored and excited, I was truly inspired to venture out onto this INSANE toy making journey!

Working Around the Clock

Operating in a cramped laundry room with one lonely 3D printer, my production was soon going to need to expand, very quickly! At one point leading up to the big sale, I thought it'd be a few months before I expanded into more 3D printers and more space for that matter. That "few months", literally turned into a couple of days! I quickly cleaned and organized the garage and setup my new, multi-3D printer workspace! Believe me, this was mind blowing! Printers were working around the clock as my alarm clock was waking me throughout the night to manage the production. Its honestly a blur and an experience I'd do all over again, and again, and again!

Fast forward a few weeks later and here I am, writing a blog post on my new, as of the time of this writing, full eCommerce website! I can hardly believe this has happened so fast!

There are some really awesome things coming up and I cannot wait to tell you in the next blog post! Please check back! Thank you all for the love and support and leave a comment if you have time.

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