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Folded the Paper Airplane and Let It Fly

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Once a blank piece of paper; now a sheet full of design, product, relationships, opportunities, dedication, pain, love and anticipation. With much research, trials and errors, this sheet of paper was carefully folded into what I hope will be the most fantastic, acrobatic and long flying airplane I've ever created.

Opening my window to the burning sky around me, I let that airplane fly. Welcome to

Many Things Must Fall Into Place

Its been a whirlwind since producing my very first custom toys a short time ago. The love and support of the toy community has been staggering and a critical piece in getting to this point of considering a website launch. Many things must fall in place for it to be, in hopes, a successful launch. After much thought there was no question that it was time go on this epic journey.

Hours Turned Into Seconds

Last night I got notes ready, setup my laptop for a LIVE announcement and took a deep breath. The hours leading up to the event seemed like a lot of time but that quickly turned into minutes, then seconds! 6PM rolled around quickly and next thing I knew, I was live! It felt really good to get support from other channels letting people know about the event. This goes to show how extremely important community truly is. All coming together to help with one greater cause; to help inspire others to follow their dreams.

Seeing my favorite people hop on the event was amazing and empowering. Everything went extremely smooth and the interactions with the community was fun. I appreciate each and every one of you who joined the event.

Honored is an Understatement

I'm proud to host a place that encourages creativity and a place that was built by a strong and supportive community. Honored is an understatement for how I feel about this opportunity. You have helped me create a legacy that I hope my friends and family will carry on.

Thank you for taking time to read. I'd love to hear from you so please comment or simply say 'Hello'. That would be amazing!

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